Prague, Czech Republic

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Strahov Library - Theological Hall, Prague

Strahov Library - Theological Hall: <br />
Baroque Theological Hall was established in the years 1671 - 1679 according to a project of architect Giovanni Dominik Orsi, who also made the ceiling’s stucco decorations. There are about 18 000 books in the Baroque libraries focused on theology, there are also wooden carved cartouches with pictures and inscriptions above the racks indicating the type of literature in the respective department. This is the first librarian gadget. Ceiling frescoes by Siard Nosecký, which date back to the 18th century, depict the people’s attitudes towards books; Latin inscriptions are quotations from the Bible. There is an interesting exhibit in the Theological Hall, and it is the so called compilation wheel, which is a desk to be used in compiling texts. There were books placed on the wheel’s racks, and a special mechanism prevented the books from falling down, and kept them in place.<br />
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There are earth and astronomical globes on both sides of the hall.<br />
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The interior was restored in the years 1993 - 1994.