Prague, Czech Republic

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St. John of Nepomuk, on Charles Bridge, Prague

St. John of Nepomuk -    John of Nepomuk was the general vicar of Prague’s archbishop John of Jenštejn. Upon the order of king Václav IV he was tortured to death in 1393, as he refused to subordinate religious right to the will of the secular ruler, and he refused to reveal the confession secret of queen Sophia.<br />
St. John was drowned in 1393. On the balustrade, in the place where the saint was thrown to the river there is a small double archbishop’s brass cross on a marble plate, with five stars. If you lay your hand on the cross in such a way as to have each finger touching one of the stars, then your secret wish should come true. The statue of John of Nepomuk is placed on a three-piece pedestal in which there are three bronze cast plates: the first represents queen Sophia’s confession, the right plate depicts the throwing of the saint in the Vltava river, and the middle inscribed plate states the Latin name of the donor of the statue. The relief on the statue of St. John of Nepomuk is also touched by people for the sake of good luck.